Free IQ tests

There are a multiple of Free IQ tests online. But what do you gain by taking them? Are these IQ tests accurate enough to tell the test taker anything about his or her IQ? We examine some of the pitfalls with free IQ testing.

First of all, nothing in life is really free. IQ test developers who go and create an IQ test isn’t investing time and money to do the online web community a public service. There is usually a monetization strategy behind the creation of the site. When the site is free, the monetization strategy is clearly web traffic, which is worth money because this source of traffic can be sold to online web advertizers. So the tests may be free to take by the end user, but this does not mean that the developer is doing this as a public service.

But who cares what the developer makes out of the site? I just really want to find out what my IQ level is you may say. This is all fine and well, but the likelihood is that a free online IQ test will not have had much investment and research behind it, and their accuracy is therefore doubtful. Specifically, we have tested several free online IQ tests and their biggest problem is that (1) they often do not have a time limit, and (2) the results are inflated which leads the test taker to believe that he or she is a Genius. Some users who start with free IQ tests may go on to take a professionally-administered Mensa IQ test only to realize that their real IQ score is significantly lower than what they had achieved online. It is well known that online IQ test may inflate IQ scores by 15-30 points. Taking a test produces inflated test results is meaningless.

Free IQ tests vs paid for IQ tests

Free IQ tests are fun, and a few of them have been reasonably well thought through. That said, paid for IQ tests do not seek to monetize the traffic to generate advertizing revenues. Instead, they survive by having high IQ test results which are more likely to be comparable to what the test user would achieve in a professionally administered IQ test.

This is not to say that all paid-for IQ testing sites are good. In actually, several of them yield over inflated IQ test scores. But these spurious tests are likely to be found out and will not survive. Free IQ tests, on the balance, are inferior to paid for ones.

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