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About IQ Test Online

  • This online IQ test has been normed with the help of individuals who have scored in the Mensa IQ range and beyond (132+).
  • It will provide you with the best indication of the pressures of a professionally-administered Mensa IQ test.
  • Unlike most of our competitors, we do not over-estimate IQ scores.
  • You can help your home country improve its position in our country IQ rankings (this is optional).
  • Our tests are able to measure high IQs up to 148 (Genius IQ levels of 140+).
  • You can create a free profile to monitor your progress and IQ training.
  • Check your IQ for as little as £3.99.

Our IQ Test Results Are Accepted By A Number Of High IQ Societies Including

  • EPL High IQ Society
  • The Secret High IQ Society (SIQS).
  • TenIQ high IQ Society
  • Canadian High IQ Society (CHIQS)

Our online IQ tests have not been designed for children (as the scoring uses ‘adult’ scales which are valid for persons aged 14 or older). Results are confidential. Try now.

Official IQ Certificate 

For those that would like an officially certified record of their high-IQ, all paid tests offer an official certificate. As a recognised IQ testing resource, these certificates can be used to gain access to the aforementioned high-IQ socities. 

What is an IQ test?

IQ tests were invented in the 1800’s by Frenchman Alfred Binet. At that time, IQ scores were based on the very simple concept of Mental Age (MA) and Calendar Age (CA). A test was simply a way to express this mathematically. Read more about how IQ tests are created and calculated here.

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There are a multiple of Free IQ tests online. But what do you gain by taking them? Are these IQ tests accurate enough to tell the test taker anything about his or her IQ? Read more about some of the pitfalls with free IQ testing here.

Frequently Asked IQ Questions

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IQ Test Prep

Very few people do not have fear of exams, and that fear is unlikely to enhance performance. Many people, report feelings of fear and anxiety beforehand. Want to understand how to reduce these negative emotions and prepare for your IQ test? Read more here.