High IQ Society

/> Sununu is a member of the most exclusive high IQ society[/caption] What is a high IQ society? They come in many shapes and sizes. The most famous of the IQ societies is Mensa. This not-for-profit organization was founded in 1946 in England. The society is non-political and free of all social distinctions. The single criteria for admission is an IQ score in the 98th percentile (i.e. the top 2%). Mensa will accept a number of tests for admission and will also coordinate and administer group IQ tests. Assuming a standard deviation of 16, this implies an IQ of at least 132.

High IQ Society: more exclusive than Mensa?

Intertel is a high IQ society formed in 1966. The society accepts members with an IQ score in the 99th percentile or top 1% of the population. The society also publishes a monthly journal called Integra, the Journal of Intertel. The minimum IQ score is about 135. The Triple Nine Society is a high IQ society founded in 1978 for individuals with an IQ in the 99.9th percentile (IQ of about 149 or greater, which represents a rarity of 1 in about 1000 people). The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, founded in 1974 also has the same admission criteria at the 99.9th percentile. The Prometheus Society accepts members with an IQ of c.160 which corresponds to 1 in 30,000 people (99.7th percentile). It’s official publication is The Gift of Fire. The most exclusive society is the Mega Society which accepts members in the 99.99th percentile, which corresponds roughly to 1 in a million people. The corresponding level of IQ is not accurately measurable but most likely corresponds to an IQ of c.170. The Mega Society currently has 26 members. There are of course plenty of high IQ societies which accept test scores in that are lower than the 98th percentile. To see whether you might qualify for one of these societies, give our IQ online IQ test a try here.