IQ elite at has been online for just over four months now. We have had hundreds of test takers take our three scientifically validated IQ tests. So how are we doing? Are the results as we would have expected them to be?

At, we are confident that if you score at least 132 on our three tests (i.e. 98th percentile), then you would stand a very strong chance of achieving a similar score on a Mensa-administered group IQ test. Mensa accepts candidates that are able to achieve an IQ score which is in the top 2% of the population, clearly representing an IQ elite.

Thus far, the highest IQ scores (certainly an IQ elite) have achieved IQ scores in excess of 140, (99.4% percentile) which should not only be sufficient to qualify for Mensa, but is most definitely commensurate with ‘genius level’ IQ. But we know that IQ scores not only change over time as we age, but can also vary depending on the mood, energy and mental state of the test taker on the day of the test; and of course the test in question. It is well known that a lack of sleep can shave off up to 10 IQ points. On this basis, it should come as no surprise that some studies have shown that the correlation between the same person’s IQ scores on different tests is only 0.95.

Unsurprisingly, the test at with the highest score is the Culture fair test 1. This first test is free to start, which means that the test taker can take the test at no cost, before choosing whether or not he or she would like to pay to reveal the score. As such, it is possible that test takers who take the test twice before deciding to pay for their result may therefore be achieving over-inflated test scores. This is so because fluid intelligence represents one’s ability to solve novel IQ test questions and problems. So those test takers who are taking the test more than once before paying for their scores to be computed will not be receiving an accurate test result.

IQ tests 2 and 3 on the other hand, cannot be started without paying and further cannot be abandoned mid way while cancelling the scores. For this reason, IQ tests 2 and 3 are the most accurate in respect of evaluating the IQ elites and testing people’s fluid intelligence. The highest recorded score for test 2 is 140, which again is commensurate to a genius-level of IQ. Interestingly, the highest IQ test score recorded on our test 3 is 125. Test 3 is the most unique of the three tests and definitely novel, and thus perfectly conceived for testing fluid intelligence.

We are looking forward to seeing whether individuals are able of achieving a score of 132+ on our fluid IQ test 3. Coming back to our original question of how we are doing since the launch of, we would now re-adjust our original assertion that achieving a score of 132+ on each of our tests means that the test taker might be able to achieve a similar score on a Mensa-administered test. Rather, we can now look back and state with confidence that if you are able to achieve an IQ score of 132 on tests 2 and 3, then you are highly likely to be able to qualify for Mensa, but you will most definitely be part of an IQ test elite with fluid intelligence inside the top 2% of the population.

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