IQ test Mensa

Mensa is one of many high IQ societies. Membership is open to individuals who manage to score in the top 2% of all test takers on a long list of approved IQ tests. You can either send in a past IQ test score for admission or you can book a Mensa-administered IQ test. So what do the Mensa IQ tests look like? Well, you will need to allow up to three hours for the entire testing process. You will receive an invitation with a time and date for the assessment. You will enter a room and take a seat. A Mensa volunteer will then proceed to explain the process and to reiterate the necessary scores to gain admission to the society. IQ test Mensa-style involves two tests: (1) a culture-fair IQ test and (2) a verbal intelligence test. The Culture-fair IQ test measures your fluid intelligence and is usually based on Cattell Culture-fair IIIa but can also resemble Raven’s Progressive Matrices (RPM). The Cattell test has a standard deviation of 16, which means that a score of 132 is necessary to qualify for membership. IQ test Mensa-style also comprises a verbal IQ test which may have a standard deviation of 24, which means that an IQ of 148 is necessary to qualify for membership.

IQ test Mensa-style – what is different?

IQ test Mensa-style differs from other types of tests in that the society places significant emphasis on speed of responses. One the culture-fair IQ test, you end up with less than 16-20 seconds per question. The time pressure is perhaps the most shocking surprise for test takers. At, we aim to provide the most accurate culture-fair testing on the web in the style of IQ test Mensa. We have created three different tests (each comprising 50 questions) with a similar level of difficulty and time pressure as a Mensa-administered group IQ test. You can try all of our test HERE.