Mensa and

Mensa and have partnered up to create a dating site for the cognitive elite. The idea came about as a survey of singletons revealed that ‘brain power’ and partnering up with someone with similar intellectual ability ranked very high, or even as a ‘must have’ when selecting a partner. Here is why I believe that this is a poor idea.

First of all, Mensa level IQ is 132 (assuming a standard deviation of 16 points) which corresponds to an IQ in the top 2% of the population. However, at the ‘very superior’ level of IQ, men outnumber women by a factor of 2:1. So although men and women have similar average IQs generally, the picture changes dramatically beyond the 130 range.

In isolation, a partnership between Mensa and sounds like a clever idea, in practice, this will result in a dating pool in which men significantly outnumber women. So this might in fact be a great tool for highly intelligent women who prefer brains over brawn, although sustainability of such a site is questionable due to the natural gender imbalance at the ‘gifted’ level of IQ.

Further, it is difficult enough to find someone that you connect with that fishing in such a small pool is likely to make it even more difficult to find a partner.

Mensa and – it just doesn’t add up

Mensa and is an interesting, but pointless joint venture.

Think about the consequences of this dating disaster: what if a man with an IQ of 133, ends up dating a woman with an IQ of 138. What will arguments look like? Will the woman ignore the man because his IQ is less than her own?

One is much better off looking for a partner with a similar education background to ascertain brain power than knowing your partner’s exact IQ. If a woman is looking for a clever man, or vice versa, that person is much better off looking for ‘graduate education’ or Ivy League education as a proxy for the intellectual of a potential mate.

At, we provide IQ testing which mirrors the level of difficulty of Mensa-administered IQ tests. If after having identified your mate, and guesstimated their IQ, you still have doubts, you can take our IQ test here.