Multiple intelligence test

The intelligence quotient or IQ is a score which attempts to describe someone’s intellectual or cognitive ability. G-factor analysis is the psychometric evaluation of cognitive abilities. More specifically, General Intelligence or Spearman’s G (G), is believed to be a leading indicator which explains 40-50% of the variability of test takers’ performance on individual cognitive tasks. In other words, the level of your general intelligence (usually represented by a global IQ score) will correlate strongly to your performance on individual cognitive tasks.

Thurstone (1938) was an opponent of G and expanded the narrow definition of intelligence to encompass 7 primary types of mental abilities, which could be measure in multiple intelligence tests:
  1. Verbal comprehension
  2. Word fluency
  3. Number
  4. Spatial ability
  5. Associative memory
  6. Perceptual speed
  7. Reasoning or Induction
Raymond Cattell was Charles Spearman’s doctoral student in the 1920s. Cattell also believed that intelligence could be broken down into components . Cattell would go on to assert that general intelligence (g) could be broken down into (1) fluid intelligence – Gf -or raw processing brain power; and (2) crystallized intelligence – Gc -which is associated with verbal skills and usually correlated with formal education. Cattell’s work would turn out to be just a first step. John Horn was Cattell’s doctoral student and just as Cattell expanded his PhD mentor’s theory on intelligence, so did Horn.

Multiple intelligence test – according to John Horn

Horn never really fully bought into Gf Gc theory and he quickly identified four abilities in addition to Gf and Gc (1965, 1968). Gsm = short-term acquisition and retrieval Glr = long-term acquisition and retrieval Gv = visual processing Gs = speed of processing To this day, most reputable IQ tests will are akin to multiple intelligence tests and will measure one or more of the above cognitive abilities. At, we have a developed a fluid intelligence test which is really a multiple intelligence test in that it also measured Gsm, Gv and Gv. The IQ score that you will see on our tests will reflect your composite performance on test questions which encapsulate short term memory, visual processing and processing speed. TEST YOUR IQ HERE.