Picture IQ test

Picture IQ tests like the Army Beta were developed for the US army in World War I

There are several different types of IQ tests on the web. A large proportion of them focus on riddles and general knowledge based written questions. These types of tests are not true intelligence tests because they tend to be based on knowledge and will be biased towards people who were educated in the language of the test. A picture IQ test, or often called a matrix test, is less likely to suffer from construction bias. Although some pictures have a cultural meaning, picture based IQ tests are much more likely to place people on a level playing field for the purpose of the test. Picture IQ tests tend to focus on logical reasoning (e.g find the missing sequence) and will be less likely to confer an advantage to any particular group of individuals. Picture IQ tests measure fluid intelligence, which is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain and its ability for ‘simultaneous processing’. Fluid intelligence, also known as (Gfis the purest form on intelligence and is analogous to the raw processing power of the brain.

The origins of picture IQ tests

Although IQ tests were developed in the late 1890s by Frenchman Alfred Binet, the initial IQ tests were not used to assess giftedness or general intelligence, but were rather used to weed our underperforming children from Parisian classrooms. IQ testing to asses giftedness really took off during World War I, when the US army required a way of categorizing US army recruits. Robert Yerkes had developed a test known as the Army Alpha, which was a group administered crystallized IQ test which would serve to classify servicemen based on intellectual ability. However, Yerkes and Otis observed that many potential army recruits did not perform well on the Army Alpha because of their limited knowledge of the English language. As a result, people who did not perform well on the Army Alpha were then administered the Army Beta, which was effectively a picture IQ test which did not require any prior knowledge of the English language.

To this day the Otis-Alpha is still used to test general intelligence and is particularly popular in NYC for assessing gifted children.

Picture IQ tests, or matrix IQ tests are the best tools for measuring fluid intelligence. At iq-brain.devv.website, we have developed three picture-based, fluid IQ tests that among the most accurate on the Web. We are confident that scores achieved on our tests will yield comparable results to a group-administered IQ test such as those administered by high IQ societies such as Mensa.

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