Stephen Hawking IQ

Stephen Hawking is an English theoretical physicist and cosmologist who is associated with the University of Cambridge. Hawking has published in numerous academic journals and is well known for his work on black holes and radiation.

Hawking is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States. In other words, Hawkings is a really intelligent guy. But how intelligent is he really? Although Stephen Hawking does not have an IQ test scores on public record, several web sources quotes that his IQ would be around 160. Assuming a standard deviation of 16 on the IQ test, an IQ of 160 corresponds to a score which is in the 99.99th percentile, which means 1 in 11,307 people. Stephen Hawking IQ of 160 is certainly a genius-level IQ. It is widely accepted that IQs of over 140 are typically associated with geniuses. However, I have argued in previous postings that the term ‘genius IQ’ should definitely be more than just a high IQ score on an IQ test, but rather this designation should be accompanied by a level of achievement and accomplishments which match the designation. In the case of Hawing, this is certainly the case. His achievements certainly corroborate the fact that Stephen Hawking IQ of 160 should be classified as genius level IQ.

Although an IQ of 160 is definitely extremely high, it is not among the highest IQ in the world. To put this score into context, based on statistics, we can establish that 734 people in London would have an IQ score which is at this level. That is a lot of people. Other famous people with IQs of 160 would include Bill Gates and Dolph Lundgren.

Stephen Hawking IQ – surpassed by many

Christopher Hirata, a US mathematician, is believed to have an IQ which is over 225, while Kim Ung Yong is believed to have an IQ of 220. Stephen Hawking IQ levels of 160 are impressive, but they are surpassed by plenty of big figures in the world of academia and science.

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At we test IQ up to 148. A perfect score on the test would likely mean that the test taker’s IQ is higher than 148, and may even place the test taker within reach of Stephen Hawking IQ.